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Figure Friendly Items to Debut This Saints Season

Elmwood Fitness Center has team up with Centerplate Catering to bring healthy food options to Saints fans at the Superdome. Every concession stand will feature at least one "made over" classic stadium option that is lower in fat and calories. For example, in addition to regular hot dogs, low-fat turkey hot dogs on light whole wheat buns will be available. Also, blackened chicken sandwiches will be an alternative to the fried variety. With these additions, you can still eat like you're at the game while maintaining a nutritional lifestyle.

"Nothing is being taken away - your favorite splurge will still be there," says Molly Kimball, registered dietitian at Elmwood Fitness Center, "but now there will be healthy choices everywhere-- from the higher-end suites to the general concessions on the concourse."

A symbol on the menu board will indicate the healthy options and nutrition information will be posted nearby, making it easy for you to enjoy a guilt-free game day.