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2011 Enhancements


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Superdome Construction Photos
Photos April through July 2011

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Champions Square Construction Photos
Photos April through July 2011

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Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Champions Square Enhancements

From January 2011 to June 2011, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome completed an $85 million renovation that completely modernized the facility. Since 2006, the total amount spent on renovations is $336 million.

Key, significant enhancements include:
- Expansion of Plaza (100 Level) concourse
- Additional concession points of sale and restrooms on Plaza (100 Level)
- Replacement and reconfiguration of the East and West Side Plaza 
  Seating Units (100 level) - offering 3,100 new seats and improved sight lines.
- Addition of two premium ground/field level bunker clubs
- 3 additional elevators for improved vertical transportation
- Expansion of Exterior Plaza Gates A and C

Please click here to view the Superdome Enhancements Overview brochure.

In August 2011, Champions Square completed Phase II construction. The Square has been transformed into a true pedestrian mall with the addition of brick pavers in the Square and on LaSalle Street, trees and benches. As well, the installation of a permanent grand staircase complete with brick pavers leading to Gate C of the Superdome is the finishing touch! For completed photos, please scroll down.

Superdome Enhancements

Plaza (100 Level) Concourse

The expanded Plaza (100 Level) concourse features additional restrooms and additional concession points of sale as well as updated finishes: lighting, flooring, and signage.

Photo of an updated concession stand on the Plaza (100 Level) concourse.

Reconfigured Sidelines

Reconfiguration of the Plaza stands bring the addition of 3,100 seats and improved sightlines. Plaza (100 Level) sideline seats are 10 feet closer to playing the field. The bowl has taken on a squared look instead of oval shape.

Premium Ground Level Club Lounges

Two new premium ground level club lounges are located under the east and west side Plaza (100 Level) stands. Premium ticketed patrons in this area enjoy private, direct access into premium lounges directly off ground level of Superdome garages.

Each premium lounge is approx. 7,600 square feet and features flat-screen televisions, granite counter tops and full-service bars. The two lounges combined accommodate and service approx. 4,500 fans.

Premium ground level ticketed club patrons can exit onto a porch and directly proceed to their leather seats equipped with cup-holders.

Actual photo of new Plaza Level Seats above.

Champions Square Enhancements

Permanent Grand Staircase

A permanent Grand Staircase has been installed and features brick pavers. The top of Gate C has been widened to allow for easy access and accommodate patron flow to the Exterior Plaza Level of the Superdome. The center portion of the Grand Staircase provides an area for patrons to sit and enjoy food and drinks with a fantastic view of the entertainment on the main stage in Champions Square. 

The entire Square and LaSalle Street were paved with brick pavers, creating a pedestrian mall thoroughfare.


LED Lights

On October 20, 2011, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome "flipped the switch" on a new exterior LED lighting system. The new system is incredibly sustainable and environmentally responsible - a bulb will not need to be replaced for 45 years. The energy it takes to power the lighting system is the same amount of energy used to power a small home. 

983 LED lights were installed at the top of the Gate C Podium and the landing of the Grand Staircase.