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Club Level (200 Level)

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200 Level Floor Plan

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Experience the upscale amenities and true premium environment of the newly renovated Whitney Bank Club Lounges located on the 200 level.

With rich wood ceilings, plush carpeted floors, tiles and custom murals, the Club Area immediately differentiates itself from typical stadium concourses. Upon entering any of the four Club Lounges, patrons will enjoy an upscale environment complete with lounge furnishings, elevated concessions and more. Each room has four adjoining reinforced glass windows adding up to 12 feet high by 96 feet long in the middle of the outer wall, providing a spectacular panoramic view of the city and surrounding landscape. Premium food and drink service offers the option for in-house chefs to prepare orders in full view, fresh as it’s ordered. Various lighting modes and enhanced audio-visual options allow for either a direct connection to the activity taking place on the main floor or to localized control for individual speakers and smaller meetings.

With new technologies, ticketed patrons will be able to decide their own payment option between cash, debit or credit card, so they never will have to go without their favorite food or drink or sportswear. The Club level seating within the main bowl is differentiated by black, leatherette.

Between the Sideline Club Concourse and the Club Lounges, two glass-enclosed rooms offer small gatherings a visual connection to larger events in either the Club Lounge itself or the adjoining Club Level concourse. During football games, Club and Suite patrons can check out the pre-game show and game in progress on flat-screen TVs throughout the lounge area. Additional monitors in the concourse and lounges assure you won’t miss any of the action.

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